In our English lessons we talked about the American Dream what awoke my interest, so I decided to find out more about the American Dream.

The fact that my friend want to immigrate to the United States, I want to make inquiries about the life in the USA and about the opportunities in this country.

As the source I took the Internet where I found many serious websites with interesting and important information. I think it is better to read real experience of someone than to read the literature, novels and fictions.

My intention is to find out if the dream is still alive in our time or if it is just a marketing concept of the politicians.Is it a myth, a fairy tale or an aim for many people?

So I start with the definition of the American Dream, than I will tell you about the possibilities of achieving the dream and difficulties by achieving it. In the end I will tell you if the American Dream is a just illusion or if it is really possible to make this dream come true. I will found out who can realise the dream and who can not.


3. Conclusion
My conclusion is: The American Dream is still alive. USA is still a country of opportunities and individualism.
For some people the dream became a nightmare because of the nature catastrophes, credit debts and etc (2.2.3 Other problems in the life of U.S. citizens). These people say that their living standards grow worse, not better. Wages for most of the population have stagnated or fallen. Getting through college has become a huge financial burden for them. So I would say the people who were born in America see the changes and they realize that the life in America is more difficult than in the past. So they say that today, the American Dream is dead.
But if you compare the life standards in USA with the life standards in Russia or Poland or Czech Republic or many other countries, you can understand why the American Dream is still alive. Today there are still many immigrants who want to achieve their American Dream.
(2.2 Immigration)

It is not just a marketing concept of the politicians. You can still become rich and successful; in the USA are a lot of opportunities and possibilities. For example if you immigrate from Spain to USA and work there as a doctor, you will became a good social position and you will get the fourfold of you salary in Spain. (2.1.2 Salary comparison)
So through the hard work you can realize this dream. But you should remember the process of realization can be quite long and complex, and there is no guarantee of success.